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Shoot up the ROI with engaged and worthy correspondences.


Upgrade your change rates to the greatest.


Compose particular and pertinent messages.


Expand your B2B Lead Generation footprint and benefit from the expertise by taking a 30 minute consultation with the founder of Acquisition info.


Deliver your web content ( eBooks, Whitepapers, Videos) to those who are interested in reading them. Set up your campaign and start generating leads


Data hygiene services provided by Acquisition Info Solutions inlclude automated and manual steps to ensure the highest level of relevance and accuracy.


We’ll help you build a relevant list and then we’ll run Email Marketing Campaigns that deliver unbeatable ROI – guaranteed.

What do we do?

Acquisition Info Solutions is a full service B2B Marketing Services Company which specializes in B2B Lead Generation, Content Syndication, Install Base Marketing and Intent Marketing. B2B companies are provided with high quality, targeted data that powers their sales and marketing campaigns.

Additionally Data Cleansing Services are also provided to help ensure that our clients’ current data is as accurate as possible.

We have access to a large repository of leading B2B databases and employ the latest technologies to conduct automated as well as phone based discovery and verifications. Our partnerships with industry leading B2B database networks like Bombora, usage of data analysis techniques and a team of highly experienced in-house telemarketers, helps us deliver quality solutions to our clients.


    We give you access to a pool of professional B2B List in one single point of contact. Whether you scratch and then optimized for visibility in Data or just simply want to take your current Data Services to the next level you are most definitely in the right place.

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