Appending Service

Gaps in your marketing and sales database reduce your marketing and sales effectiveness. According to Marketing Sherpa, 2.1% of contact data goes bad every month. Gaps happen.  Fill the gaps and you will get more leads and sales from your current business lists – it is that simple.

Acquisition info can help you identify and fix the bad and missing data. We have manual and automatic data append programs to suit the size and frequency of your appending needs.

Help sales prospecting by appending contact data including social media accounts and e-mail. Keep your marketing and salespeople up to date with the most current contact info for your prospects.  Do not lose contact with the people you have worked so hard to connect with. Acquisition info has millions of B2B contacts and will quickly append your business lists so that you can spend your time communicating with your prospects and customers.

Our Data Appending Service Enables Deeper Connections

For example, Acquisition Info Solutions helped one of the leading investment companies solve this problem by doing a list append project. We appended social media ID’s like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook to the CRM contact data. Now their senior executives and partners can simply click on the profile URL of the contact they are researching or getting ready to meet with. Add life to your otherwise static CRM contact data and give your people the real time connections that will set them above your competition.

Acquisition Info Solutions has performed a variety of list append projects. We can help you with most B2B list append needs. We can analyze your data, give you a complete hygiene report, repair bad data and list append new or missing data. We help B2B companies increase their ROI on email, direct mail, and telemarketing campaigns.

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    We give you access to a pool of professional B2B List in one single point of contact. Whether you scratch and then optimized for visibility in Data or just simply want to take your current Data Services to the next level you are most definitely in the right place.

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